Relaxation delivered to your door every month

StresS LesS subscription boxes can help you slow down like a sloth and relax, as well as promote a healthy lifestyle with all organic and vegan products!

Easy to order

Whether it's a gift for a friend or loved one or you just want one for yourself, ordering is as simple as one click and your box will be on its way!

Always on time

As soon as you order, we ship! Every order is meticulously checked, prepped and packed on its way for a prompt delivery in our weatherproof durable mailing envelopes!

Great Value

Not only do we help get you the best products on the market, but we also give them to you at a great value as well!

Be a healthier you

Our mission at StresS LesS boxes above anything else is to help promote a healthy lifestyle and relaxtion when you don't have the time to! We want to help provide the tools for anybody of any lifestyle to relax and become a sloth!

What is the StresS LesS box?

It is very simple. Why waste time at your local grocer figuring which products to buy when we can do it for you? This box is optimized to help you live healthier, save time, and most of all STRESS LESS! Whether it's our flavorful tea, delicious chocolate, or healthy vegan snacks and aromatherapy products, all our products come straight to your door at great value and FREE shipping!

How It Works

1. Order your box!

Click the "GET STARTED" link and fill out your shipping information so we can get the box out ASAP!

2. We pack your box

Once your box is ordered, my team and I will pack it right away for it to be shipped out immediately! 

3. Enjoy your StresS LesS box!

Get ready to open your box and enjoy the variety of products we packed just for you!

What's inside the box?

The great fun and surprise of the StresS LesS box is that every month's box has different products and flavors to keep you guessing and excited! We are always 100% natural, vegan, USDA organic and optimized to help you relax like a sloth!